German Backyard Ultra Cup Reglement

In 2020, the „German Backyard Ultra Cup“ will take place for the first time. As part of the two German Backyard ultra races „Bienwald Backyard Ultra“ and „Schinder-Trail Backyard Ultra“, the runners can register additionally for the Cup-Ranking. The Cup Winner, the „German Backyard Ultra Champion“, will be the runner who has completed the most laps in both races. In case of a tie, the faster total runnning time will decide.
All participants in the „German Backyard Ultra Cup“ will receive an additional medal, a high-quality woven patch and a unique coffee cup.


  • Participant limit: 35 runners
  • Open for international runners
  • Registration for both events incl. Cup-option necessary
  • Additional Cup-fee: 20€ (10€/race, will be used for additonal medals, presents, trophy)
  • Qualification: one successful 100Km run, or a backyard ultra >15 laps within the last 2 years
  • After 15 laps the race counts for the cup-ranking (We want avoid cup-results like 35 / 5)
  • Cup ranking = sum of rounds from both races
  • If more runners have the same amount of laps, the runner with the fastest total running time will win
  • No age-groups, no gender rankings, just one Cup-Winner, all others DNF
  • Participations-medal, woven Patch and a unique coffee cup for all runners
  • Trophy for the Cup Winner